Take Your IsaLife on the Go with the IsaLife Mobile App!

Stay on the right track with your Weight Loss System with this convenient nutrition and fitness tracker, personal coach, and product-ordering platform in one easy-to-navigate app!
Isalife App

Features and Benefits

Goal and Fitness Tracking

Set goals, take progress photos, and track your weight. Sync to your fitness tracker to track burned calories and physical activity.

Nutrition and Meal Tracking

Explore the fully integrated Isagenix Product Guide. Search and import popular meals, restaurant chains, and brands to more accurately track nutrition consumption.

Order Management

Shop and order Isagenix products with just a few clicks. Set and adjust your Lifestyle Rewards program so you never miss a day of your system.

IsaLife App
Coaching Community

Connect with your Enrolling Sponsor and anyone who joins Isagenix through you! Share and receive tips, support, recipes, and more on your activity feed. Discover how your team members are doing on their journey toward their goals.

IsaBody Challenge Registration

Register for and participate in the IsaBody Challenge®. Record your progress, tap into the power of the IsaBody® community, and receive the accountability you need all in the app!

Share Isagenix

As an Associate, you can now share Isagenix with potential Customers inside the IsaLife™ app! In less than two minutes, your potential Customer can create their Isagenix account and both their initial order and Lifestyle Rewards (previously called Autoship) based on your recommendations!

  • Share recommended products with potential Customers.
  • Your potential Customer completes their enrollment on a mobile-friendly website.
  • Track their progress directly in the IsaLife app.
  • Receive updates and notifications on your potential Customer’s enrollment.
IsaLife App

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the IsaLife™ mobile app?

Customers and Associates can download IsaLife for free from the App Store or Google Play in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Denmark & Finland.

Which mobile devices support the IsaLife™ app?

IsaLife™ is available for iPhone (iOS version 14.0 and above, iPhone 8 or newer) and Android (version 9.0 ’Pie’ and above) devices. The app is not supported using Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Kindle Fire.

How do I log in to IsaLife™?

IsaLife uses the same username and password to access your existing Isagenix account.

To recover your username, contact your local Customer Care team To reset your password, visit the Back Office login page, and select the Forgot your password? link.

How do I set up the fingerprint login on my mobile device?

We recommend referring to the manufacturer’s website for instructions on creating a fingerprint login for your iOS or Android device, as models vary. Activity Feed

What should I share on my Activity Feed?

Isagenix provides product- and health-related content on everyone’s activity feed. We encourage users to share other activity, progress, badges, and support through the activity feed to help inspire their Personally Enrolled Members reach their goals.

Who can see my activity feed posts?

When posting to your activity feed, you have the option to share with your 1PET, your Coach, or both. Comments added to a post from Isagenix are viewable by all IsaLife users regardless of team placement.

Can I share activity feed posts outside of the IsaLife™ app?

Absolutely! Tapping the Share button below the post allows users to share content via text, email, or social media platforms.

Can I delete posts from my activity feed?

You can delete your own personal posts and hide posts from others that appear in your activity feed. To delete or hide a post, select the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the post, and then select the applicable option. IsaLife™ Programs

Which programs are available in the IsaLife™ app?

Users can currently sign up for two programs — Weight Loss and Daily Wellness — by tapping on the Daily Checklist icon. The Weight Loss program is designed for those looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle. The Daily Wellness program is perfect for those looking to maintain their results and build on their weight loss goals.

How do I start a program?

Tap the Daily Schedule icon, and then tap the “Click here to start one” link. Next, select from the list of available Programs and then the Enroll in This Program button. IsaLife™ will prompt you for some additional information to complete the process.

Can I start a program if I’m not already using another pak or program?

Yes! IsaLife™ is a customizable tool that allows you to integrate your favorite Isagenix products into your routine. For additional information on how to customize a program, see the Daily Checklist section.

Who can see my information?

Only you can see your photos, weight goals, and measurements in the IsaLife™ app.

How do I resign from a program?

Access the daily checklist, and tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner. Next, select Program Information from the slide-up drawer. Scroll down on the next page, select the Resign Program button, and then confirm.

Do I need to use the preloaded items on the daily checklist?

No, for your convenience, the daily checklist includes Isagenix products and reminders on when to have a snack (up to 200 calories) or meal (400-600 calories). Checking the preloaded items like IsaLean® Shake or Ionix® Supreme will automatically update your macros; however, we recommend adding your snack and meal items to ensure your daily macros and consumed calories are accurate.

How do I add and remove items from the daily checklist?

Select the Add Item link to browse additional food or Isagenix products. Once you locate an item, make any necessary adjustments to the serving size or amount, then select the Add to Checklist button. To remove an item from your daily checklist, swipe left and select the Delete button. You can remove both manually entered items as well as preloaded products.

Can I enter food and activities for a previous day or in advance?

We realize that some days you may get busy and not complete your daily checklist. The IsaLife™ app allows you to enter food and activities for the previous day.

You can also enter both food and fitness activities for future dates in your daily checklist without submitting and completing the day. On that date, you will need to check the boxes to calculate your macros, calories consumed, and calories burned for the day.

Can I sync an activity tracker to my daily checklist?

IsaLife™ users can sync with Fitbit or Apple Health, which will automatically import their fitness activities to their daily checklist. First, access the Settings tab in IsaLife, then scroll down and tap Settings. Next, tap on Fitness Trackers to choose which device you would like to connect with.

Can I switch my Shake and Cleanse Days?

Yes. When selecting a program, IsaLife™ will prompt you to choose your Shake and Cleanse Days; however, you can change them at any time by selecting the Shake Day or Cleanse Day tab on the current day’s date. IsaLife will prompt you to confirm the switch. Keep in mind, any journal data already entered for that day will be lost. Orders and Lifestyle Rewards

How do I place one-time orders in IsaLife™?

Tap on the shopping (box) icon, and use the search feature or product categories on the One-Time Order tab to locate your favorite Isagenix products. Tap on the image, configure your preferences, then select Add to Cart. Once you’re done choosing products, select the shopping cart icon in the upper-right corner to proceed to checkout.

How do I manage my Lifestyle Rewards in IsaLife™?

Tap on the shopping (box) icon, and select the Manage Lifestyle Rewards tab. From here, you can update the next shipping date or frequency or update the products for your next order.

How do I add new payment or shipping information in IsaLife™?

IsaLife uses information from your existing Isagenix account. To add a new payment method or address, log in to your password-protected Back Office. If you have the payment or address already saved to your account, you can select it when completing your one-time or Lifestyle Rewards order.

How do I edit or remove products from my orders?

While in the shopping cart for one-time or Lifestyle Reward orders, select the pencil icon to edit the packaging or quantity or the trash can icon to remove it from your shopping cart.

How do I apply coupons to my IsaLife™ orders?

On the checkout page, select the Add Member Coupons link to view and apply coupons saved to your account. You can also manually enter a coupon code in the Use a Coupon field to apply a discount to your one-time or Lifestyle Rewards orders.

Which countries can enroll using IsaLife™?

Associates in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand ,the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium can share Recommended Carts with potential Customers via IsaLife™ to complete their enrollment.

How do I create recommended carts to share with potential Customers?

You can create up to 20 recommended carts by logging in to your password-protected Back Office and selecting Manage My Recommended Carts from the Teams tab. Select the Create New Recommended Cart button, choose the country and level of savings, then configure the initial order and Lifestyle Rewards products. Provide a name for your recommended cart and select the Save button. Your recommended cart is now ready to share via the IsaLife™ app!

If your initial order includes a qualifying system or pak, you’re eligible to earn a Product Introduction Bonus when your potential Customer enrolls using that recommended cart!

Is Lifestyle Rewards required when creating a recommended cart?

Recommended Carts can be created with or without Lifestyle Rewards. Your potential Customers always have the ability to remove or add Lifestyle Rewards to their account during their sign-up process.

How do I share a recommended cart with a potential Customer?

Tap the Setting icon in IsaLife™, and select the Share Isagenix tab. Select the Recommended Cart you want to share with your potential Customer, review and edit the placement options as 

Which countries can sign up with Recommended Carts through IsaLife?

Isagenix Independent Associates in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium can share Recommended Carts with potential Customers via IsaLife™ to complete their enrollment.

How do I introduce IsaLife™ to new Customers?

After helping your new Customer join Isagenix, let them know what their next steps are including downloading IsaLife! For example,

You: I’m going to send you a text later today with information about downloading the IsaLife™ app. It’s going to make using your system so fun and much easier for you to follow!

Later, follow up with a text message so your new Customer knows where to get IsaLife and how to set it up. For example,

You: I’m so excited for you to get started! If you haven’t yet, be sure to download the free IsaLife™ app from the App Store or Google Play. Your first step will be clicking on the calendar icon to set up your Weight Loss Program. It’s easy — just follow the prompts! Before your system arrives, make sure to watch the brief videos included in the app about how to do Cleanse and Shake Days, and the Product Overview. Once you’ve done all of that, shoot me a text!

Customer: Great! Will do!

You: Awesome! The app is so user-friendly, and I know you’re going to love it. Another cool feature is that you can order more products and manage your monthly order through the app. It’s amazing how Isagenix makes the ordering process so simple and convenient! Talk to you soon!

How can I utilize IsaLife™ to connect with my team?

IsaLife is the perfect platform to help you connect with your Personally Enrolled team, especially while on the go. The app allows you to share tips and support through the activity feed and allows your Customers to reach out to you directly and share their experience. As an Enrolling Sponsor/Coach, IsaLife provides you with priority notifications so you know exactly when to reach out to your Customers.

How do I send a direct message to someone in my team?

Tap the Settings icon and then My Personally Enrolled Team. Once you’ve located your Personally Enrolled team member, tap on their name to access their profile and post a message to their activity feed. Your Personally Enrolled team member will receive a notification on their activity feed, letting them know they need to view a message.

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