Shake Up Your Shake Game (Recipes)

It’s no secret that we love IsaLean™ Shakes – we’re lining up just to use the blenders in our break room. And one of our favorite things? Testing out new recipes and nourishing shake additions to make a great thing even better.

Need some inspiration to start getting creative with your shakes? These are some of the tastiest recipes to hit our kitchen this week.

Chocolate Delight Shake

Calling all ooey-gooey chocolate lovers – we have a shake that’s fit for dessert. Treat yourself post-gym (or anytime) with 24 grams of high-quality protein plus a potassium-rich banana.

Get the recipe:

2 scoops Creamy Dutch Chocolate IsaLean Shake

1 or ½ frozen banana

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tbsp almond butter

8 oz coconut milk


1 IsaDelight® chocolate, to top

Combine ingredients in IsaBlender®, blend, and enjoy!

Calorie count: 555-610 (depending on how much banana you use)

Café Mocha Shake

Can’t wake up in the morning? Falling asleep at your desk? Make the day easier on yourself with a delicious, dairy-free shake to look forward to. Not to mention, it has an extra caffeinated boost.

Get the recipe:

2 scoops Rich Chocolate dairy-free IsaLean Shake

1 cup Isagenix coffee, chilled

½ cup unsweetened almond milk


Calorie count: 280

Strawberry Sunrise Shake

For the traditional fruit smoothie lover, try this strawberry-banana-orange combo. It’s super fresh, simple, and easy. Did we mention it’s to die for?

2 scoops Strawberry Cream IsaLean Shake

½ stick or 1 scoop Juicy Orange AMPED™ Hydrate

½ banana

8 oz water


Combine ingredients in IsaBlender, blend, and enjoy!

Calorie count: 330         

Line of Smoothies

To help you get started making your own customized shakes, here’s a list of some of our go-to add-ins and toppings.

Chia seeds60 calories per tbsp
Goji berries25 calories per tbsp
Isagenix Heart Shake Booster5 calories per serving
Isagenix Immune Shake Booster10 calories per serving
Cinnamon5 calories per tsp
Spirulina20 calories per tsp
Honey, Strawberries, banana, blueberries, orange

Now it’s your turn to get creative in the kitchen! We can’t wait to see what shakes you’ll be serving up next.

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