Clinical Study Documents Health Benefits of Adaptogen Elixir

Isagenix proudly invests significant research dollars demonstrating the health benefits of our unique, state-of-the-art weight loss systems (composed of our Shake Days and Cleanse Days), as well as evaluations of individual products. This investment is possible through collaborative efforts with esteemed academic researchers at leading universities and colleges.

An independently performed small pilot study evaluating Adaptogen Elixir™ is the latest to add to the list of scientific research supporting the health benefits of Isagenix products. Based on the results of this investigation, we can proudly report that Adaptogen Elixir came through with “flying colors”!

Study Details

In this study, researchers recruited eight adults and measured the effect of Adaptogen Elixir on a variety of health indicators such as stress and sleep quality. Additionally, study participants completed the validated Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and other quality-of-life questionnaires. Before the study began, each participant underwent assessments of these health indicators. Then, the study participants consumed one bottle of the product at nighttime for four weeks, with data collected after week two and week four.

Adaptogen Elixir and Stress

To determine the effect of the Adaptogen Elixir on stress, the researchers measured stress using sophisticated technology. The results from the intervention indicated that consumption of the Elixir produced 19% and 34% reductions in stress response after two and four weeks, respectively.

Adaptogen Elixir and Sleep Quality

The effect of the Adaptogen Elixir on sleep quality indicated that the Elixir yielded significant benefits with 17% and 31% improvements in sleep quality after two and four weeks, respectively.

Adaptogen Elixir and Subjective Responses to Mental Wellbeing

Finally, using quality-of-life questionnaires, the researchers collected the participant’s self-assessments concerning their quality of concentration, fatigue, laziness, and impatience. Remarkably, after four weeks of supplementation with Adaptogen Elixir, the subjects reported significantly fewer issues with concentration (41%), fatigue (33%), laziness (50%), and impatience (48%).

Overall, this small study strongly suggests the health benefits of the Adaptogen Elixir on stress and stress-related problems such as poor sleep quality, energy, and mood.

Isagenix Offers a Selection of Adaptogen Rich Products for Your Health

In addition to other adaptogen-rich products such as Ionix® Supreme, Cleanse for Life®, e+™ energy shot, and BEA™, Isagenix offers Adaptogen Elixir, a scientifically supported, potent, and deliciously sparkling shot for adults to help support how your body responds to stress.

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