How to Build Better Shake Day Snacks

Isagenix offers delicious snack options like Nature Oat Bakes™, Whey Thins™, Harvest Thins™, or Fiber Snacks™ that are go-to choices for Shake Day snacking. When you choose Isagenix snacks, you know that you are getting balanced nutrition and an appropriately sized portion.

However, we understand that you may also want to branch out and start creating other healthy snacks in the kitchen to keep yourself fueled between meals on Shake Days. This leads to one important question: How should you build your own Shake Day snacks at home?

All you need are these four tips to set yourself up for snacking success.

1)      Fill up with fiber.

The foundation of your snack should be a food that provides a good source of dietary fiber. Choosing fiber-rich foods helps you to feel more satisfied with fewer calories. Snacking on fresh fruit and vegetables between meals makes sense because these foods are generally low in calories and are a good source of fiber and other nutrients. A few other great options include whole-grain pita wedges or crackers.

2)      Add protein, good fats, or both.

Combining a source of fiber with protein and a little bit of good fat is the best recipe for snacking satisfaction. Protein and fiber are the two factors that help you feel most satisfied after a meal or snack, and adding a small amount of fat helps to slow digestion and provide a more gradual, steady source of energy. Some good picks for protein foods might be a hard-boiled egg, a quarter cup of cottage cheese, or a handful of almonds. Foods made with beans or peas like hummus offer both protein and fiber together in one package.

3)      Choose a right-sized snack.

One of the most important factors in building a better Shake Day snack is planning a portion size that will keep you within your target calorie range. For some people, a 100-calorie snack is a perfect fit. A 200-calorie snack might be a better choice for people who are more active, or on days when you have a more intense workout planned.

4)      Plan ahead.

One key to healthy snacking is to plan ahead. The best time to prepare snacks is when you are not feeling hungry. This way, you will be able to choose your snacks without a rumbling stomach overwhelming your better judgment. For example, you might want to prep your snacks in the evening to get ready for the next day, or it may work better for you to plan ahead for an entire week.

Putting it together

If you’re looking to put these Shake Day snack tips into practice, here are a few ideas to help inspire you. This list of 100- and 200-calorie snacks blend fruit, vegetables, or whole-grain foods with a source of protein and a little fat for a snack that satisfies.

100-Calorie Snacks

  • One cup fresh, crunchy vegetables, plus two tablespoons of hummus
  • Ten roasted asparagus spears with a squeeze of lemon, plus one hard-boiled egg
  • Two stalks of celery, plus one tablespoon peanut butter
  • Two whole-wheat crackers, plus two teaspoons herbed cheese spread and six cherry tomatoes
  • Fifteen raspberries, plus a half cup low-fat, plain Greek yogurt
  • One cup of strawberries, plus seven whole cashews
  • One cup of cubed cantaloupe, plus two slices of ham

200-Calorie Snacks

  • One large apple, plus one package of string cheese
  • Six dried apricots, plus two tablespoons of shelled sunflower seeds
  • One medium banana, plus one tablespoon of almond butter
  • Half of a whole-wheat pita, plus one cup of sliced cucumber and two tablespoons crumbled feta
  • Ten grapes, plus ten pecan halves
  • Two cups air-popped popcorn sprinkled with chili powder, plus three tablespoons pumpkin seeds
  • A quarter cup dried fruit, plus 10 almonds

Snacking on Shake Days can help you to manage your appetite and keep cravings under control—but only if you choose wisely. When hunger hits between meals, being prepared with the right kind of snack can mean the difference between letting excessive hunger lead to overeating and unhealthy food choices and staying on track with your health and weight-loss goals.

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