Hair Revival: Growth Inspired by Nature

Thinning, dull, or brittle hair can leave you feeling less than confident. Love your hair again with Hair Revival’s blend of naturally sourced and clinically effective ingredients to stimulate hair growth and support visibly thicker, stronger hair.  

Beauty Begins Within

Hair growth begins deep within our skin. Located in the hair follicle at the base of each hair strand, the hair bulb is where new hair cells are made. These cells are packed with the protein, keratin, and harden to form the strand of hair that is pushed through the follicle and up out of the skin (1). While some follicles are in a resting state at any given time, approximately 85% are actively growing and can produce an impressive half an inch of hair growth per month on average (2, 3).  

Both men and women alike may experience thinning hair or slowed hair growth with increasing age, poor diet, or environmental factors such as stress. Without the right nutritional building blocks at the ready, the quality of hair growth can start to suffer. Because of its rapid growth rate, hair can be among the first areas where you’ll see benefits from improved health and nutrition. 

Hair Revival is a clinically effective dietary supplement formulated to stimulate hair growth and support visibly thicker, stronger hair with a combination of beneficial nutrients and botanical ingredients.  

Consciously Clean Ingredients

Hair Revival uses non-GMO, vegan-friendly plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support healthy hair growth. This soy- and gluten-free formula avoids harsh hair-stimulating chemicals like synthetic prostaglandins, steroids, Finasteride, or Minoxidil by blending the best ingredients nature has to offer. 

Beautifying botanicals

Banana stamen extract: A patented phyto-active extract from banana flowers with clinical evidence supporting visibly thicker, stronger hair growth. 

Horsetail aerial extract: A fern-like plant used for its silica-rich nutritional profile with an array of benefits and a history of use dating back to Greek and Roman times (4) 

Amla fruit extract: These bright green berries have been used traditionally by Thai women to nourish hair because of their superfruit and adaptogenic properties (5). 

Activating amino acids

L-arginine, glycine, L-proline, and L-cysteine are important amino acids in keratin, the protein that hair is made of. Building new keratin requires an abundant supply of amino acids at the ready to support growth. Without them, hair can become thin, brittle, and even see a reduction in its pigmentation (6). 

Nourishing Nutrients  

Biotin, niacin, and selenium are essential for healthy hair growth. Each plays a specific role in helping blood flow to hair follicles, synthesizing proteins like keratin, and supporting overall hair health (7). Good nutrition helps to support your wellbeing from head to toe. Hair Revival’s nature-inspired ingredients make it perfect for Shake Days and Cleanse Days alike. Its mildly tart flavor also makes it simple to swallow with water or can even be blended into your daily shake. Hair Revival will help your confidence grow with clinically effective ingredients for thicker, healthier hair. 

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