Stress Less with Adaptogen Elixir

Stress happens. Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you stay focused and conquer stress, and we’ve bottled them up to create your daily dose of serenity – Adaptogen Elixir™. 

Sip Your Way to a More Balanced Day 

Chronic stress affects everything from your sleep patterns to your mood to your overall health. According to the American Institute of Stress, approximately 75% of Americans experience negative physical and psychological impacts due to chronic stress (1). There are many ways you can support your body’s ability to respond to stress including adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and plenty of exercise but these tools aren’t always enough. For this reason, scientists continue to focus on healthy stress management tools such as adaptogens to help combat this prevalent issue.  

Adaptogens are a variety of bioactive plant compounds that work to improve physical and mental performance. Recent studies have found that adaptogens reduce mental fatigue, enhance physical endurance and can aid recovery after intense physical activity by helping the body “adapt” (hence the name) to better resist the effects of both physical and psychological stress (2, 3). Different adaptogens work in a variety of ways to help normalize the body’s functions in response to stress helping to improve both physical and mental performance (4). 

Fortunately, Adaptogen Elixir is loaded with nutrient-rich kombucha and adaptogens to help reduce the negative impacts of stress so that every day can be your best day. 

Ancient Botanicals Blended for Modern Day Stress Management 

The unique Adaptogen Tea Blend in Adaptogen Elixir combines fermented kombucha tea leaves with healing herbs, botanicals, and adaptogens to create a natural and modern way of managing daily stress—no added sugar or mystery ingredients. Just time-tested adaptogens and botanicals blended with sparkling kombucha tea, and a subtly fruity rose flavor for a perfectly simple solution to whatever stress the day brings.  

Sparkling kombucha tea: Fermented black tea leaves that help keep the body balanced. 

Ashwagandha: A time-tested adaptogen used throughout the world to help the body adapt to physical and mental stressors.  

Rhodiola: A powerful adaptogen used to increase physical endurance, improve energy, and strengthen the body’s resistance to stress.  

Schisandra:  Also known as the endurance adaptogen, Schisandra helps fight physical fatigue.  

Astragalus: A healing herb that promotes longevity, energy, and resistance to stress. 

Eleuthero root: An adaptogen traditionally used to support better focus and improved cognitive function.  

Always Adapting so Calm Comes Naturally 

Mother nature gave us all the ingredients to naturally manage stress. We simply put them all in one place! With no compromise quality and a passion for sustainable packaging, Adaptogen Elixir is a great addition to your daily stress-management toolbox. Shake Day or Cleanse Day you can stress less with Adaptogen Elixir. 


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